January MCE // Delineations



Artist Megan Mosholder // Curated by Amy Leibrand

January 3 – 28, 2013

a tale of two brides

Megan Mosholder, A Tale of Two Bridges, Savannah, GA, 2012

Delineations is a visionary exhibition created in response to the Ohio Art League gallery space. The installation, constructed with paintings and three-dimensional sculptural drawings, intends to bring attention to the opacity between social classes in our culture. Scrutiny of social division is encouraged as the viewer moves in and around the sculptural drawings built out of braided mason twine and light.

Artist Megan Mosholder uses a hands-on approach to examine spatial elements through site-specific visual research. Delineations is a multi-sensory, participatory experience; lines expand and contract in a visually manipulative manner, engulfing the viewer. Indirect paintings were created using the non-traditional method of applying paint indirectly to raw canvas. Created in reaction to the sculptural drawings, the paintings provide an unspoken dialogue between the space…

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