First Residency Application Submitted!

First Residency Application Submitted!

As a recent MFA graduate, my goal is to maximize my experience and networking options. I intend to spend time traveling all over the country and world to various residencies to meet, experience and network with as many different people in the art world that I can. I hope to maintain my NYC status by subletting my Bushwick studio but getting rid of the apartment in Prospect Heights altogether. I am researching any and all funding opportunities. I hope to be traveling for the next year or two before finding a place to call home. I have 5 – 6 months to figure this all out.

Last night I submitted my application to Wassaic, a residency in upstate New York. Living and work space is available, studio visits and artist conversations are encouraged and transportation to and from NYC isn’t too expensive or difficult. I have never attended a residency before so I can’t really say how valuable this experience will be. Personally, I think all experiences are educational whether they be good or bad. I encourage my readers to check out some residencies for themselves. Travel, make art… the best of both worlds.


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