The Wassaic Project – Week One of My First Artist Residency.

On July 1st, I moved into what will be my new home for the next four months. Known as “The Lodge”, this little vinyl-sided, five-bedroom house is tucked between the tree-covered lanscape of Wassaic, NY. My studio is located in Luther Barn, a short walk through the back yard. Just beyond the barn is a greenhouse plus various farm animals including goats, horses and various feathered creatures such as geese and quail. After living and working in Brooklyn for the past 14 months, I feel like I am in another world: from concrete jungle to shooting star-filled nights, swimming holes and rolling hills of green.

In the past week I have settled into my new spaces, made new friends, created new work. Residency life is all that I hoped it would be: space and time to contemplate/make art and like-minded individuals to share it with.


Studio space in Luther Barn.


Studio space in Luther Barn.


The “hallway” between studios.


Maxon Mills: exhibition/gallery space and administrative offices.


The Lodge: my home for the next four months.


Luther Barn: location of studio spaces, wood shop, print shop and “auction ring” where presentations and artist talks are held.


The Auction Ring.DSCF1448

View from my kitchen window.




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