Studio Visit Etiquette



One of the perks of being at an artist residency is the studio visit. Artists, gallerists, curators and sometimes the general public are invited into our studios to see what we’re working on. Best-case scenario, these visits result in sales or a show.

Yesterday we had a representative from Creative Time and The Kitchen visit our studios. All of us worked to make sure that our spaces were clean and presentable. And at the end of all the visits our visitors presented to us.

This experience always spurs a conversation about the visits: were they useful, did we learn anything, etc. However, this time we ended up discussing the etiquette of a studio visit. My fellow residents brought to my attention that it is considered polite to offer some kind of food or drink when a visitor travels to look at your work. It seems so obvious and yet I hadn’t thought of it. It immediately made me wonder what else I was missing and I decided to research the topic. This is what I discovered:

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Studio Etiquette