Please help me win $10,000!

Please help me win $10,000!

Dear Friends: I am writing to you to ask you a favor. I have opportunity to win up to $10,000 in prize money for my piece, “Gossamer”. If I win this money, it will go towards my upcoming artist residencies in Vermont and France and will help me to finish the work for my solo show at Roy G Biv gallery in Columbus, Ohio February 2014. I would greatly appreciate it if you would go to the following link:

And select “Artists”. 

A survey will appear. Please click on my piece “Gossamer” and select “submit”.

Images of the work can be seen on my website at

Thank you so much!!


“Gossamer” Installation Progress Shots – photos by Adam Trevillian

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“Gossamer” is the title of the piece I built on Hilton Head Island last week. It was created out of 15,000 feet of nylon cord, 2000 screw eyes and was hand painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Photos soon to follow. There is opportunity to win prize money for this work. Please go to the attached link and vote for me!

Photos by Adam Trevillian